Welcome to Krakenfjord.

Krakenfjord is a Shire in the Principality of Tir Righ, which is a part of the Kingdom of An Tir in the SCA.  The Kingdom of An Tir includes Oregon, Washington, the northern tip of Idaho, British Columbia, the Yukon, and the Northwest territories.  Krakafjord is located within the mundane area of Vernon BC.

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international not-for-profit educational organization which studies the Middle Ages by researching and recreating the arts and skills of Medieval Europe.

We are a family organization and are accepting new members.  If you are interested in archery, medieval arts and sciences, calligraphy, re-creating medieval armoured combat, heraldry, rapier combat, bardic and minstrels, medieval dance, or anything that relates to pre-1600, and you live in Vernon BC, then the Shire of Krakenfjord is the place for you!

Armoured Combat

Without a doubt Armoured Combat is the medieval art that attracts more people to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) than any other discipline. Nothing will take you to another time and place faster than watching two heavily armoured combatants clashing swords. The ideals of courtesy and chivalry are central to all of our Arts of War.

SCA armoured combat is a combat sport developed by the SCA, in which participants in body armour act out mock combats loosely inspired by forms of historical combat practiced in medieval Europe. It is variously considered a combat sport, contact sport, or a form of martial art.

Rapier Combat

During the Renaissance Period, fencing arose as a means of self defence in the urban settings of the era.  The long, thin blade of the rapier became the weapon of choice because of its quick thrusting abilities for both personal protection and settling disputes.  The SCA’s goal with Rapier Fencing is to recreate both the dress and fighting styles of that exciting time.

SCA Fencing is a style of historical fencing practiced in the SCA. The primary focus is to study, replicate and compete with styles of rapier sword-fighting found in Europe during the Renaissance period, using blunted steel swords and a variety of off-hand defensive items. Participants wear period clothing while competing, along with or incorporating protective equipment (such as modern fencing masks) for safety.

Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences within the SCA is an extremely broad and expansive subject. There are competitions, research, and documentation that go into preparing each entry.  Hundreds of different crafts are skillfully recreated from the Middle Ages. The challenging part is finding the medieval skill that interests you.

The SCA promotes the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced in the time period and cultures that the SCA covers. Arts and Sciences range from the recipes used for a feast to the armor used in combat, the clothes and costumes that are worn to the bardic arts of singing, storytelling, poetry and instrumental pieces.